ben leone
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"TechScapes" is the result of my two primary passions. The first is my commitment to semiconductor "mask design".  This is the art
of chip design, the routing of electrical circuits for the purpose of
maximizing the performance of a chip, while minimizing the
physical size required to accomplish a given circuit's function.

"inverter 4" cover image of Nilsson & Riedel "Electric Circuits" 9th edition
This skill, combined with my second
passion, painting, has resulted in these dramatic and seemingly "abstract"
artworks.  In fact, my paintings are
anything but abstract.  My works are
"artistic" representations of actual
working semiconductor chip circuits,
the building blocks from which all
electronic systems are developed.

This unique combination of elements,
represented through the medium of
original oil paintings, results in
"TechScapes", the ultimate expression
of high technology art.